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Human Resources

Human Resources is an integral part to any business and Qest Human Resources can play a role no matter how large or small the job at hand is. From developing job descriptions, employment contracts to implementing new human resources techniques in your department or business.

It’s all about developing the right information such as policies & procedures to match your culture and environment. In other cases it may be putting together step by step human resource plans for the future, to work specifically for your business unit or organisation.

For Employers

We are here to assist our Clients with their requirements, simply to make your life easier. It is important to be able to listen to your needs and wants in order to provide solutions to your business difficulties. From this we will work with you to build a solid foundation to continue to grow your team to success and beyond.

We specialise in guaranteed permanent recruitment and our emphasis is on quality over quantity. We are only as good as the information you provide to us in order to educate candidates accurately on position details so we believe in the need to build long term business relationships with our Clients.

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Providing you with relevant current market information is the key, along with our recruitment techniques, networks, technologies and databases, we will work together to find you the best possible candidate at the time. We may even find the best employee for you when you’re not even looking!

For Job Seekers

Our promise to you is that you will be treated with respect and confidentiality. At Qest Human Resources  we only deal with Permanent Recruitment , specializing in this area so therefore can focus our efforts on keeping you informed and finding you the actual career you are looking for and not just a job that matches your work experience, qualifications and skills base.

We encourage you to forward your resume or contact us to have a chat about the next step in your career.

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