Privacy Collection Statement

Qest Human Resources requests you read the following information about privacy and disclosure of personal information about you. If you would prefer that your details are not forwarded to any other parties you should advise your Consultant as soon as practical. Personal and sensitive information may be collected from you directly when you fill out and submit one of our application forms or provide any information in connection with your application to us for registration.

Personal information means information about you, including your work experience, qualifications, aptitude test results, work referee comments and other information obtained by us in connection with your possible work placements.

Sensitive information means more private information about you, including memberships of a professional or trade association or a trade union, criminal record, health or disability (at any time), etc. Sensitive information can, in most cases, only be disclosed with your consent.

We may collect personal information about you when:

  • We receive any reference about you
  • We receive the results of any competency based assessments or medical test
  • Or, you provide us with any additional information about you
  • If you wish to contact us about your personal and sensitive information, you should, in the first instance, contact your Qest Human Resources Consultant.

Your personal and sensitive information may be used in connection with:

  • Your actual or possible work referral/placement
  • Any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that youmight be required to undergo
  • To inform you of possible work opportunities or other events such as training or information sessions by direct mail/email

Your personal and sensitive information may be disclosed to:

  • Potential and current employers/clients of Qest Human Resources
  • Referees
  • A professional association or registration body that has a proper interest in the disclosure of your personal and sensitive information
  • Any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information

If you do not give us the information we seek we may be limited in our ability to locate and refer you for suitable employment. You can gain access to your information to correct it if it is wrong:

  • Subject to some exemptions (for example in an employer/employee situation) which are set out in the National Privacy
  • Principles (Principle 6 – Access and Correction), you have a right to see and have a copy of personal and sensitive information that we hold
  • If you are able to establish that personal or sensitive information that we hold about you is not accurate, complete or up‐to‐date, we will take reasonable steps to correct it so that it is accurate, complete and up‐to‐date
  • If we are unable to agree that personal information that we hold about you is accurate, complete and up‐to‐date, you may ask us to place with the information a statement by you that claims that the particular information is not accurate, complete or up‐to‐date.

If you wish to exercise your rights of access and correction, you should contact your Qest Human Resources Consultant.