Other Services

Let Qest Human Resources consultants provide you with the right advice!

Job Descriptions

If your company needs job descriptions to be composed, scripted or simply interpreted, at Qest Human Resources we have experienced consultants with the ability to complete these requirements.


The preparation of a resume can be a tedious and laborious why not get Qest Human Resources to structure a resume to suit your needs and attract your next employer!

Interview Techniques

With the tough job market that currently exists we can provide you with strategies in order to handle those awkward interview questions and tips to help you succeed!

Personality Profiling

Through the use of modern, successful personality profiling procedures/technologies, we are able to assist you with identifying the right position/candidate for you – call us now!

Job Searching

Applying for a position can be a daunting task, let Qest Human Resources arm you with the confidence and skills you need to be successful. This can include set up of your initial application letter and/or resume, research, and delivery in the interview. Your success is our success!

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