As 2016 flies past us and the knowledge that the festive season is quickly upon us, Qest Human Resources would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of our services that will maintain the momentum of your business into 2017 and beyond.

The festive season typically results in a high number of staff taking leave; therefore it’s time to ensure that you place your HR and recruitment needs at the forefront of the business agenda. Here at Qest Human Resources, we specialise in being your recruitment team ‘externally’. We aim to bring new talent into the work place.

External recruitment involves the assessment of a pool of available job candidates, other than existing staff, in order to fill vacant positions within an organisation. It aims to select the most sufficiently skilled or qualified applicant from outside the current employee pool.

External recruitment enriches the organisation – the pool of talent is usually larger outside the organisation than from within – in turn, ideally increasing the likelihood of selecting the right person for the job. It provides new insights, skills, expertise and personalities that would otherwise be overlooked when hiring internally.

It promotes fairness within the organisation by considering all the prospective candidates for the role and can therefore strength morale. Furthermore, it can promote healthy competition between current and new employees. By bringing in fresh talent from outside the organisation, current employees may feel motivated to work harder and achieve more, in order to obtain greater work benefits. Overall, the organisational benefits of external recruitment are endless! 

In contrast organisations have the option to recruit internally. This involves seeking applicants for positions from among those currently employed. As opposed to picking candidates from the general public, the position is advertised internally with the aim of selecting a candidate from inside the current employment pool.

Internal recruitment requires your own time and effort, as well as the ability to decipher who is or isn’t right for the job. 

While there are benefits to recruiting internally, it can have the potential to hinder creativity and innovation within the organisation as the pool of applicants are generally significantly lower from within the organisation. It may result in conflict, if the process isn’t consistent for all, as employees may feel unfairly treated.

As the end of the year draws nearer, perhaps it’s time to review your recruitment processes. Our external recruitment processes here at Qest Human Resources allow you to focus on your business; we take the extra load off your shoulders. We guarantee our recruitment in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months – the choice is yours.