We take Occupational Health and Safety seriously!

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting

Qest Human Resources has trained consultants who have the ability to work with you and your organisation to increase awareness, minimise hazards etc and maintain a safe, happy work environment. This is can be done by providing assistance to implement plans or objectives and advice resulting in positive OH&S solutions.

Safety Inspections

At Qest Human Resources we are able to conduct Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessments with you and your team or simply provide advice on any individual safety requirements.

Work Cover

Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding injuries in the work place, Qest Human Resources is able to work with you to increase the likely hood of an injury free organisation.

Some of the services relating to Occupational Health and Safety are:

  1. Leadership, commitment and accountability
  2. Planning, objective and targets
  3. Consultation, communication and engagement
  4. Risk management
  5. Emergency preparedness and response
  6. Incident management
  7. Monitoring and measurement
  8. Health and hygiene control
  9. Management systems audits, reviews and reporting
  10. Materials and services management
  11. Hazardous Substances


Occupational Health & Safety is the ‘buzz’ word in the work place currently and we at Qest Human Resources want to encourage our customers to be proactive in these practices. A safe environment is a happy one!