Frequently asked Questions

Which industries and disciplines does your agency recruit for?

Engineering, Wine, Government, Information Technology, Construction, Sales Executive, Not for Profit, Defence, Trades, Health

How much recruitment experience do you have?

Our main consultant has around 20 years experience across the board in Recruitment and Human Resources Consulting

Which methods do you use to attract candidates?

Qest Human Resources Website, Referals, Existing Database, Linked In with over 15,000 contacts and counting, Facebook, Seek Indeed to name a few…..

What is your screening and selection process?

Resume Assessment, Phone screening, Behaviourial Interview questions, References, Reference checking, Personal / Personality Assessments (Optional), General Intelligence assessments (Optional) etc...

Why Should I use a Recruitment agency?

It saves you time to specialise what your area of expertise is so you can concentrate on that and let us do the ground work for you.