Recruit Right the First Time!

In these uncertain times one thing is for sure… recruiting badly can cost valuable time, money and resources! There can be significant negative spin off’s in relation to recruiting poorly, some being – decreased team morale, time and money wasted on training and an organisation’s strategic direction/goals not being met.

When hiring new employees the recruitment process is an integral part of any organisation, as it allows for the employer to bring on board new employees that have solid expertise in their industry sector who can potentially mentor other staff with their knowledge. These employees encourage an empowering environment and work culture where all staff can further develop their skills base.

It is critical to get a recruitment process right from the very start! A solid job briefing should be given as well as having a well developed job & person specification to refer to. Some important points to consider in a job & person specification are key performance indicators (KPI’s), job objectives, where the role fits within the organisation, qualifications, working hours, location of the position, decision making authority and accountability, just to name a few.

When employees exit or enter a business it is the ideal opportunity for management to make a fresh start and ensure all existing and new staff are communicated their responsibilities to minimise any misconceptions regarding their job now or in the future. Also, by having all of this in place prior to starting a new recruit, an employer has encouraged the business to continue along with meeting the objectives of the strategic plan and will obviously assist in making the right decision on a new employee who will benefit the organisation.

At Qest Human Resources, we encourage our clients to recruit with up to date job & person specifications allowing them to generate appropriate behavioural based interview questions as well as reference check questions that are relevant regarding the specific position’s duties and responsibilities. Every organisation would like a competitive advantage – recruit smart with the right job & person specifications and don’t waste valuable dollars on poor recruiting.


David Arcangeli, Director, Qest Human Resources

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