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One door closes another one opens..

In recent times South Australian industries such as automotive, manufacturing and retail have been struggling. Consequently, a myriad of employees have faced or will be facing redundancies in the near future.

Whilst this may be a difficult time for all the employees who are affected, we would like to remind current and future job seekers that there are and will be many opportunities available in the job market. This is a great time for employers to start searching for skilled operators who have experience within your given industry, or on the other hand, find alternative skill sets in new employees that can add to their existing work force.

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Staying ahead of the pack

red goldfish leadingI am coming across an increased number of frustrated job seekers that are not getting any interviews either directly with an organisation or through a recruiter some of the things you may want to consider are becoming members of associations for example if you are an Engineer perhaps Engineers Australia in most states there are different associations that may assist in increasing your network of contacts and open the door to new job opportunities.


Remember these business relationships are built over time but it may just be the one thing that get you that opportunity to progress in your chosen career.


David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 1 May 2014

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The Recruitment Process – How Doing It Right Will Benefit All!

Recruitment of quality employees can be a grueling task at the best of times!

With the job market expanding due to our current economic down-turn, and organisations making wide spread redundancies the time is now to act and utilise effective recruitment tools to ensure your team is productive and therefore profitable.

There are many steps in the recruitment process that can be followed to assist in finding the right person for your vacancy. Some of these steps include – writing job descriptions, scripting of adverts, attracting applicants through job internet sites/print media, assessments of resumes, telephone screening, behavioural based interviewing of candidates, skills/personality assessments and reference checking…just to name a few!

Each and every part of the recruitment process is important because it ensures accuracy, verification of candidate details and ethical behaviour. This will then enable you to qualify skills, experience, qualifications and motivation of candidates applying for your vacancy. All this in turn will assist your business in recruiting loyal, hardworking team members. Any successful recruit will limit wasting valuable time and company resources.


Written by David Arcangeli, Director 

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