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red goldfish leadingI am coming across an increased number of frustrated job seekers that are not getting any interviews either directly with an organisation or through a recruiter some of the things you may want to consider are becoming members of associations for example if you are an Engineer perhaps Engineers Australia in most states there are different associations that may assist in increasing your network of contacts and open the door to new job opportunities.


Remember these business relationships are built over time but it may just be the one thing that get you that opportunity to progress in your chosen career.


David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 1 May 2014

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The current job market

The job market is tough out there currently, the amount of jobs on offer appear to be slowing down so the competition for even one position is fierce. Find out who the decision maker is relating to the recruitment / hiring process and organise something different than just an email application. Organise a coffee meeting to introduce yourself to the employer in order to plant the seed that you are the best person for the job.

With modern technology you could create an application video and submit that to a future employer it creates more of a personalised impression and is a different approach to an application to help make your application stand out to help you clinch that key interview.

David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 1 April 2014

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Happy Festive Season

The team at Qest Human Resources would like to wish you and your families a happy festive season and the best possible new year . We would like to thank everyone including Clients , Staff and people looking for work for your continued support. There are many positive indicators for the new year enjoy time with your loved ones come back refreshed and we look forward to working with you in the future.

David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 2 December 2013

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Market Update

The job market is heading in the right direction . After a Federal election is becoming apparent that there is slow but steady growth in the employment market . Some of the areas that we have experienced some positive signs are in the sectors relating to Health/ Medical , Energy , Mining and Manufacturing / Fabrication. There are many quality operators out there looking for work so this is creating a mini glutton of riches for employers possible employees to choose from.

If you are an employer or an employee ensure that you prepared for the positive times ahead.

David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 30 November 2013

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Follow up that great job!

Follow up is essential regarding your job applications. It is no longer as easy to apply for a job by simply pressing click and presto a new job will fall in your lap. It may take you day’s or even weeks even for the confirmation that an employer or agency has even received your job application. We recommend that you follow up the employer with a phone call to ensure that they have actually got your application.

This will provide you with up to date information and enlighten you as to where your application is at in the overall recruitment process. It also identifies to your possible future employer that you are proactive and willing to take the initiative, these may be some key attributes that the Employer is looking for their important job vacancy.

David Arcangeli, Qest Human Resources 23 September 2013

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Helpful hints for Job seekers

The need for up to date detail on applications for example  resumes  and cover letters is important  . In the current job market the need for attention to detail is imperative as the number of quality people looking for work currently is very high so if you are looking for work  you need to make every post a winner in your quest to gain your dream job.

Things to look out for are as follows use correct grammar , list your achievements sometimes things you may not think are  not too important regarding  your work history may be extremely important to a future employer.

Making sure your education history is on your resume and having access to  proof of your qualifications  can increase your chances of being successful because employers want to make sure you have actually studied in the area of expertise.

List your referees and ensure  that they are relevant to your past employment and positive advocates for your work  background.

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Sir Richard’s tips for keeping employees happy!

David Arcangeli and Pina Noack from QestHR recently attended the National Achievers Congress which featured guest speaker and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson sharing lessons learnt along the way to being successful in business. In particular, it was pleasing to hear Richard stress the importance of hiring and retaining good people to carry out his visions – something QestHR has similarly successfully delivered for many clients over the years. Here are some of Richard’s other valuable tips for keeping staff happy:

  • Recruit the right people to do the job, and then let them get on with doing it ( Richard has the ideas, recruits the best people, then lets his team do what they were employed to do, don’t try to micro manage everything)
  • Managers should get more involved at the grassroots level with staff (as seen here in our picture of Richard pouring a glass of red for one of our clients, Ulli Nitschke, Nitschke Design, whilst he was waiting for a flight in the Adelaide Virgin Blue lounge recently! “Even after a long tiring day he paid attention to his customers and showed he cared – very inspiring and a great role model to his staff”, observed Ulli who enjoyed his up close opportunity with Richard)
  • Make the workplace a fun and enjoyable environment (We’ve all seen those pictures of Richard having fun dressing up as a Flight Attendant! – people like to work in places they enjoy going to everyday so think about what you can do to create a sense of fun and excitement in your workplace to keep staff stimulated and energized on a regular basis)
  • Reward staff regularly (we may not all be able to offer our staff a vacation on Necker Island! – but ensure you are giving your staff regular positive feedback, praise and rewards, big or small, it all helps staff to feel appreciated and recognised)


Richard also shared some amusing stories about marketing campaigns that have gone wrong, but his advice is don’t be afraid to give things a go or be different to stand out from the rest, look for an opportunity or gap that your competitors are not providing and go for it!

Pina Noack, Qest Human Resources
20 June 2013

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Fair Work Act – How it’ll impact Employers

In July 2009, the Rudd government introduced the Fair Work Act 2009 ( which replaced all previous national workplace relations systems e.g. WorkChoices. The Act has been designed to cover the majority of Australian workplaces whether they’re small or large, corporate organisations.

Some of the key elements affecting business, effective January 2010 have new minimum employment standards that all employers and employees will be covered by. These are called the National Employment Standards (NES). These new standards cover conditions such as an employee’s maximum weekly hours; flexible working arrangements; parental leave (and related entitlements); annual leave; personal/carer’s leave; community service leave; and long service leave just to name a few.

Another change under the Fair Work Act 2009 has been modernisation of awards (Modern Awards). These awards are designed to regulate minimum terms of employment by covering employees through either the industry they work in, or by occupation-based replacing most existing awards.

Qest Human Resources is encouraging all organisations to be active, and is constantly working with its clients to ensure a smooth transition of the Fair Work Act 2009 legislation into their businesses.

Changes to Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Termination and Termination of Employment in the workplace came into effect in 2009. These laws will allow employees to make unfair dismissal claims dependent upon the size of the organisation and length of service.

All collective bargaining agreements have to pass the BOOT (Better off Overall Test), before being approved by Fair Work Australia. This means that employers need to ‘prove’ that every employee is ‘better off’ with new collective enterprise agreements.

The new Act could only affect a business minimally or it may have significant impact on Human Resources such as changing current policies/procedures and re-training management on what is acceptable under the new legislation.


Amy Arcangeli, Senior HR Advisor, Qest Human Resources

a:  8 Greenhill Road, Wayville  SA  5034

t:   (08) 8372 7817

f:   (08) 8372 7800

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Job & Person Specifications

Recruit Right the First Time!

In these uncertain times one thing is for sure… recruiting badly can cost valuable time, money and resources! There can be significant negative spin off’s in relation to recruiting poorly, some being – decreased team morale, time and money wasted on training and an organisation’s strategic direction/goals not being met.

When hiring new employees the recruitment process is an integral part of any organisation, as it allows for the employer to bring on board new employees that have solid expertise in their industry sector who can potentially mentor other staff with their knowledge. These employees encourage an empowering environment and work culture where all staff can further develop their skills base.

It is critical to get a recruitment process right from the very start! A solid job briefing should be given as well as having a well developed job & person specification to refer to. Some important points to consider in a job & person specification are key performance indicators (KPI’s), job objectives, where the role fits within the organisation, qualifications, working hours, location of the position, decision making authority and accountability, just to name a few.

When employees exit or enter a business it is the ideal opportunity for management to make a fresh start and ensure all existing and new staff are communicated their responsibilities to minimise any misconceptions regarding their job now or in the future. Also, by having all of this in place prior to starting a new recruit, an employer has encouraged the business to continue along with meeting the objectives of the strategic plan and will obviously assist in making the right decision on a new employee who will benefit the organisation.

At Qest Human Resources, we encourage our clients to recruit with up to date job & person specifications allowing them to generate appropriate behavioural based interview questions as well as reference check questions that are relevant regarding the specific position’s duties and responsibilities. Every organisation would like a competitive advantage – recruit smart with the right job & person specifications and don’t waste valuable dollars on poor recruiting.


David Arcangeli, Director, Qest Human Resources

a:  8 Greenhill Road, Wayville  SA  5034

t:   (08) 8372 7817

f:   (08) 8372 7800

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The Recruitment Process – How Doing It Right Will Benefit All!

Recruitment of quality employees can be a grueling task at the best of times!

With the job market expanding due to our current economic down-turn, and organisations making wide spread redundancies the time is now to act and utilise effective recruitment tools to ensure your team is productive and therefore profitable.

There are many steps in the recruitment process that can be followed to assist in finding the right person for your vacancy. Some of these steps include – writing job descriptions, scripting of adverts, attracting applicants through job internet sites/print media, assessments of resumes, telephone screening, behavioural based interviewing of candidates, skills/personality assessments and reference checking…just to name a few!

Each and every part of the recruitment process is important because it ensures accuracy, verification of candidate details and ethical behaviour. This will then enable you to qualify skills, experience, qualifications and motivation of candidates applying for your vacancy. All this in turn will assist your business in recruiting loyal, hardworking team members. Any successful recruit will limit wasting valuable time and company resources.


Written by David Arcangeli, Director 

a:  8 Greenhill Road, Wayville  SA  5034

t:   (08) 8372 7817

f:   (08) 8372 7800

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